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  معرفي : Islamic Art Gallery & Collection
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كامپيـوتر [10391]
لوازم [6485]
آموزشي [1851]
املاک [986]
وسايل نقليه [4168]
خدماتي [8660]
بازار كار [1018]
صنعتي [8912]
ارتباطي [907]
شخصي [25]
هنري [222]

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معرفي : Islamic Art Gallery & Collection
معرفي : Islamic Art Gallery & Collection

www.islamartgallery.com براي ايرانيان خارج از کشور و تمامي ديگر علاقه مندان امکان آشنايي با انواع توليدات هنري (دستي و صنعتي) اسلامي و ايراني و همچنين سفارش و خريد و ارسال بين المللي به تمامي نقاط جهان را فراهم مي کند.

اطلاعات اين وبسايت به زبان انگليسي بوده و امکان خريد و پرداخت بين المللي از طريق کرديت کارت و ارسال از طريق پست دي اچ ال و تي ان تي به تمامي نقاط دنيا فراهم است.

شما قبل از سفارش مي توانيد اطلاعات کامل از جمله تعدادي تصاوير با کيفيت از محصول و همچنين حجم، اندازه، نحوه ساخت و... را مشاهده کنيد.

Islamic art encompasses the visual arts produced from the 7th century onwards by people who lived within the territory that was inhabited by or ruled by culturally Islamic populations. It is thus a very difficult art to define because it covers many lands and various peoples over some 1,400 years; it is not art specifically of a religion, or of a time, or of a place, or of a single medium like painting. The huge field of Islamic architecture is the subject of a separate article, leaving fields as varied as calligraphy, painting, glass, pottery, and textiles, among others.

Islamic art is not at all restricted to religious art, but includes all the art of the rich and varied cultures of Islamic societies as well. It frequently includes secular elements and elements that are frowned upon, if not forbidden, by some Islamic theologians. Apart from the ever-present calligraphic inscriptions, specifically religious art is actually less prominent in Islamic art than in Western medieval art, with the exception of Islamic architecture where mosques and their complexes of surrounding buildings are the most common remains. Figurative painting may cover religious scenes, but normally in essentially secular contexts such as the walls of palaces or illuminated books of poetry. The calligraphy and decoration of manuscript Qu'rans is an important aspect, but other religious art such as glass mosque lamps and other mosque fittings such as tiles (e.g. Girih tiles), woodwork and carpets usually have the same style and motifs as contemporary secular art, although with religious inscriptions even more prominent.

The phrases "arts of the Islamic World" and "Islamic art" refer to a variety of artistic traditions that have flourished since the advent of Islam in the late seventh century across a vast geographic area ranging from southern Spain and North Africa to the islands of Southeast Asia. While different regions developed their own distinctive styles, they also share certain characteristics, such as the use of calligraphy to transform simple objects into works of art or the use of abstract designs to decorate works intended for religious contexts. The continuous movement of artists, patrons, and objects throughout the Islamic world has played a critical role in determining the dynamic nature of its artistic tradition.

www.islamartgallery.com is an online store for home decor and handcrafted Islamic Art products. The startup was born out of love for Islamic Art, with an aim to promote the economic development of the artisans involved. The site sells products across different categories like clocks, lamps, wall decors, key hooks, mirrors, tealights, aroma diffusers, etc. In addition to these the startup also vends products in different materials like terracotta, different kinds of wood, ceramic, stone, bone, etc.

You can see the products and place your order online and pay by credit card or money transfer and have your order mailed to your address anywhere in the world by DHL or Royal Mail.

You can see the pictures, size, price, description of any product on the website before you place your order.

Please visit the website for more info :

Central office: 145-157 St John Street, London, England, EC1V 4PW, City of London

Help Line: 00442008880610

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تاریخ انقضای آگهی:  شنبه 04 دی 1395
تاريخ بروز رساني:  دوشنبه 07 تیر 1395

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